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tomsausalitoI remember in high school in the ’50’s wondering about what it was about “life” that was so noticeably different in its absence: death. I mean, what was it that was the difference from obvservible animation and the lack everyone called “death?” What was IT that was “there” and then “not there?” Where did it come from? Where did it go?

Reading about unusual consciosness experiences in India, some candle gazing, science fiction reading, a little hypnosis then out of high school, two years afloat in the Navy Pacific Fleet, rather in awe at the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean and Hawaii, Japan, China, Formosa, Singapore, Guam and Australia – and still curious about that same question.

Then the collection of self help and personal development materials, the usual books and tapes. Werner Erhard’s est training and workshops in the early ’70’s, Paul Meyer’s Success Motivation Institute, 13 years of Al-Anon, Tony Robbins, Unity, Life Spring and Science of Mind.

And like Robert, some vague feeling that everyone else was getting, or had gotten, IT and I was missing something because IT was showing pretty inconsistent results in my life experience. I mean, how do you resolve Job’s, “Lo, that which I have feared has come upon me.” with Mark Twain’s, “Most things I worried most about, never really happened.”  Each of the spiritual “laws” I had been exposed to seemed, in my experience, to be somewhat shy of the effectiveness and reliability of gravity or electricity. And then some est trainer pointed out that the gate to enlightenment was guarded by two fearful images: Paradox and Confusion. And the Tao instructed that One Who Knows Cannot Tell, and One Who Tells Cannot Know.

And then I came upon Busting Loose From The Money Game and the Home Study Course DVDs and the pieces, for me at least, began to come together. It was a “model” that was “close enough to the Truth” to produce practical benefit. Benefits to me and to others that have come to our workshops in the form of greater freedoms of day to day thought and choice, way less resistance to the “bad stuff” that used to pester my mind and life, a greatly expanded sense of who I am and what might be possible for me and to me, more smiling and laughing, less frowning, way shorter worrying, a great way to be with and play with other personas in my hologram, and finally, a much larger context within which I look forward to living this lifetime.

Just very cool! I appreciate creating you, Robert, to reflect these aspects of myself back to me.

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