About the workshops

tompatbusting My life partner, Patricia Forbes, and I  first heard of Busting Loose in early 2007 when I read a review of Busting Loose From The Money Game in the “What The Bleep Herald” e-newsletter.  After buying and devouring the book, I browsed Robert’s website and felt inspired to buy the Busting Loose From The Money Game Home Study DVDs.

Two things happened next. The first was we experienced that the book and material came alive through seeing and hearing Robert deliver the material to, and interact with, 35 people from around the planet in a 4-day workshop format. The second was, the friends we told about the book had read the book, wanted to watch the DVDs with us. That became a regular series of Busting Loose Workshops over the past two years, with groups ranging from as small as 5 to as large as 22 participant/players.

Next, inspiration said, “get the Emotions Game DVDs,” and the same thing happened: almost everyone wanted an Emotions Game workshop so we began facilitating that one, as well. As of spring 2009, we had facilitated 4 of each either in our home or at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind church).

The workshops consist of about an hour watching a DVD and an hour of discussing/sharing. Breaking it down that way, Money Game goes for 21 weeks and Emotions Game goes for 18.

At the end of the first workshop, everyone said it would be great to get together periodically to share experiences and morph to support each other on the Busting Loose journey. So we began hosting local Phase 2 Player Retreats in our home every three to four months. The first three or four Retreats were pot luck Saturday afternoon dinners followed by an hour or two of group sharing and discussion. Our current format, designed by participating “Busters” is: watch a Busting Loose type movie, have a nice catered dinner and then congregate in the living room to share and discuss our individual Busting Loose experiences and aha’s.

It looks like as long as personas and players show up in our Albuquerque hologram wanting to explore Busting Loose through workshops or Players Retreats we will look forward to facilitating and supporting them.

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