The Flag named “Utopia”

For those who have seen it, Robin Williams does a hysterical comedy sketch he calls ’The Invention of Golf’. In it he talks about a genius idea: way down at the end of this long corridor of weeds and trees and stuff he’ll put a little effing flat spot with some effing grass and a little effing flag to give you effing hope ’ then he’ll put some effing sand and an effing lake to eff with your ball even more.

In The Human Game, the name of that effing flag is ‘Utopia’  and is often stated as,  ‘when I graduate from high school, or when I graduate from college’, or ‘when I get my first real job, or when I get married, or when I get that promotion, or when I have a kid – or two – or three, and when they grow up and leave home THEN I’ll have it made. THEN I’ll be able to (re)claim my authentic life. THEN I’ll be able to travel and see the world. THEN ’I’ll be able to (fill in the blank).’

So in the Busting Loose Human Game model, ‘Utopia’ is nothing more – or less – than ‘just another effing creation’ in your effing hologram.

In the rigorous game of logic, the process  of creating (becoming) has been called a ‘dialectic’. In this ‘dialectic’ an initiating idea or concept is called a ‘thesis.’

Each ‘thesis’ automatically calls forth a contrasting ‘anti-thesis’ (in actuality, the ‘thesis’ is usually caused by something unwanted that looks an awful lot like an ‘anti-thesis’.

The next dialectical activity is a coalescing of the thesis with the anti-thesis called a ‘synthesis’ ’ which magically and automatically becomes a ‘new thesis’, which inexorably creates or causes another ‘anti-thesis’. And they, over time, merge into a ‘new synthesis.’ Nez pas?

And even though our physical sciences cannot say exactly what ‘time’ actually is, this process or dialectic sure seems to have been repeating from ‘the beginning of time’, and it seems will continue until ‘the ending of time’.

Whatever ‘time’ is, and whatever ‘the ending of time’ means.

“Resistance is futile.”

Laisez les bon temps roulez.

And what are YOUR thoughts about all this … or all that?

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