“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Busting Loose question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I was thinking to myself while walking on the trail one morning about Busting Loose. Just how is it that I somehow create a unique holographic experience in my unique personal Human Game. and how living more into Phase 2 might look and feel?

The following thought popped into my holographic head.

I remember growing up and being asked by relatives and family friends, “And what do YOU want to be when YOU grow up, little boy?” And I even remember asking others folks’ kids that same question. And at one point I even harbored the idea that I was doing them some kind of a favor by helping them focus their thinking on how they were “going to turn out” and what they were going to do with their life. Big favor. R-i-i-i-g-h-t.

And then another thought popped up in direct response: “Wait…..that’s not a supportive question for Busting Loose and living into Phase 2.”

A “right,” or “right-er” question would be, “So … what is it that you just love doing/exploring right now, and how do you allow yourself to do/explore more of that until something else strikes your fancy?”

Seems to me like that’s what living reactively in the moment, from and into inspiration would look and feel like.

And then I “just happened” to create Susan from our first workshop on the trail (coincidence, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and I had her start this great mutual conversation about how certain things are “working” and “not working,” and if I do The Process on a discomfort and then just leave it alone, is that what I really want? Is that what I’m really supposed to be doing? Even if the thing that is not working, could be improved, and seems like it should be “important” to me – and maybe to “others,” completely forgetting that all those “others” are just reflections of me.

Is it OK to just do The Process and reclaim the power and then just let go? Even if nothing in the hologram is real and it’s completely made up by me – My Consciousness – My Expanded Self?

And the answer that came into my holographic awareness was, “I think that after doing The Process and reclaiming whatever power you can in a given pass, if it’s something you then feel would be fun or exciting, then that would be one “to do.” And if  your “doing” pushes back, it’s only pushing back because that’s the way you want(ed) that particular game or inning or quarter to play out. And maybe it then becomes “Challenging,” “Worthwhile,” “Productive,” “Satisfying” as I remind myself that I (Consciousness, Expanded Self) just made it all up anyway through patterns in The Field.

And any discomfort experienced in any pushing back is “just an Egg” with Power in it saying, “Here’s more of your Power for you to reclaim if you want to in this moment.” And you can then use this new, additionally reclaimed Power to stay on this particular ride a little longer, and/or noticing a next or different ride you feel “inspired” to experience or explore. Hot damn! Busting Loose!

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2 Responses to ““What do you want to be when you grow up?””

  1. tom says:

    Mathias – first, apologies for the severely delayed response. Even in Phase 2, I find life sometimes still ‘gets in the way,’ as it were.

    Great questions. Let me take a shot at answers in the Busting Loose context.

    First, it’s all illusion, nothing but illusion, but, as Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one.” The key to The Process is to FEEL the feelings you are experiencing … as fully as you are capable or comfortable. THEN, notice that the power of those feelings is actually YOUR power that you are feeling, experiencing in your hologram. It’s the power that Expanded Self presented and presents in Phase 1 to convince you are the exact opposite of Who You Really Are. And it works beautifully!

    Now that you’ve been ‘contaminated’ by taking the Red Pill and questioning everything, you can know that this POWER (shame, guilt, unworthiness, love, ecstasy, fear, … you get the idea) is really Expanded Self doing a 180 as you requested: it is now giving your these powerful feelings to show you how you fooled yourself, pushed all the right buttons, in Phase 1. NOW ES is showing you where your buttons and feelings are so you can use The Process, Tell The Truth and reclaim your power … and move down the track further and further into the phase 2 ‘rabbit hole.’

    Notice there is no sense of ‘conquering’ anything. Since it’s all illusion there is nothing to ‘conquer,’ just stuff to recognize, feel and do The Process on.

    As to who/what creates, is creating, the illusion, Robert’s model says it’s all a holographic-like operation driven by Your Consciousness/Expanded Self via ‘Patterns In The Field.’ Everything ‘out here’ is the result of ES putting a particular pattern or detail in The Field, pumping it with unconceivable power (infinite power is, by definition, inconceivable … even though we invented a word to describe it – cosmic joke there?) in order to have it pop out as YOU in YOUR HOLOGRAM having and reacting to THIS EXPERIENCE (in your case ‘nudity anxiety’ – not a bad place to start …)

    Notice you don’t even have to be actually nude in front of actual people to feel the anxiety/discomfort. Gee, that would mean that … you are making it all up in your illusory ‘mind,’ no? And yet the discomfort is as real as anything – and you can do The Process on it right then and there and reclaim some power and move more into Phase 2 experience/living.

    It’s also useful to recall that ‘others’ do one of three things for your in your hologram; that is to say, you have them do for you three things in your hologram. This is for ‘others’ that you have a primary interaction with as opposed to ‘just extras’ walking and sitting around to make your hologram appear and feel more ‘real’ to you.

    1. they reflect something back to your that you think or feel about yourself – and then, as you said rather accurately, “is really not an issue for anyone but me.” but is being reflected back to me.

    2. they provide you data or information

    3, they set something in motion for you

    And it can be one, two or all three in any given encounter. It’s tremendous fun when you begin saying and noticing that, “And then I had them say/do …”

    Way cool questions. Rock on!

  2. Mathias says:

    First of all, interesting posts on Robert Scheinfelds “Busting Loose” work. I am rather new to his work and was first introduced to this philosophy via Roberts own book “Busting Loose from The Money Game” and was stunned. First I didn’t get it, but after having reread many chapters several times and now your blog etc the philosophy and the grandeur of it starts to hit home in a pleasant way.

    Now, I just want to bounce something off with you regarding “The Process”. As I have understood it the idea is to recognise a problem area in your life that makes life hard or moderately annoying/discomfort giving and then look at it and think “this is an illusion” and then go ahead and conquer it? Is that correct or have I missed a subtlety in this process that I should be aware of?

    Let me give an example to put this in context: I am deathly, well not deathly but at least not that keen on showing myself nude and I really would fancy doing it. But whenever I decide to strip and walk around naked at home (inside the house:)) I feel embarrassed, because there are others living in the same home with me and the feeling of being ridiculed and sorely embarrassed crossed my mind.

    This might seem a silly example, but being nude is not natural for me and I would like it to be. It seems to be a nice way of leading a home life to be honest.

    So here it comes. According to my apprehension of “The Process” I should look at the situation of me being nude in front of these people in my home as being an “illusion” and that they exist because I create them? They are there because I believe they are there, basicly, and that me walking around nude and it potentially leading to me being ridiculed is really me ridiculing myself because I create these people who ridicule me? A confusing description perhaps, but I hope you understand where I am getting at?

    So If I see those people as not being real, there would not be anyone to be ridiculed by or being embarrassed in front of?

    If I have understood the philosophy of “The Process” then I can say only one thing: I am blessed beyond words. Then I understand the words “live a life without limits”.

    Just the plain idea that “if those people do not really exist, then all of the problems I might think I have is really not an issue for anyone but me. And the reason it was a problem for me in the first place was because I thought others would use that something against me in some way. But if they are all a creation of my mind, an illusion, then I really have no excuse to see it as a problem any longer”.

    Your blog is now saved as one of my favourite blogs. Looking forward to your response. This concept keeps me up at night, but as we both know “nights” could really be “daytime” or “afternoons”:). I like this.

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